From the Desk of the President

Dear Sisters in Christ,

As the founder and the current president of All Nations Women Ministries, Inc. (ANWM), I am so blessed to be a part of this non-profit Christian Organization since its 1999 inauguration date.

God has called me and many other women to do His work through this ministry. The main purpose of ANWM is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. In that, Jesus Christ power; which is the only power that there is, has been touching women around the world through salvation, miracles, healing, deliverance, and also through financial support.

Sisters, God has done amazing things through this ministry, which are positively affecting so many lives throughout the world. 

The ANWM women believe in reading and meditating in the Holy Bible, praying, fasting and also believe that God is calling women from all nations to work in unity to do amazing things for the Kingdom of God.

The women who are the faces of this ministry are sisters from all walks of life as they represent many denominational groups and churches. In the ANWM, we all come together as one with the purpose and commitment to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to minister and help women globally.

I would like to invite you to be a part of this amazing ministry, so you too can be an ambassador of Jesus Christ in doing His good work. Thank you for your support.
Be Blessed,

Elizabeth Eden

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of eight (8) women whose faith have been tried by personal adversity and spiritual opposition. Board members are always connected to pray and to seek God’s guidance to conduct this ministry. Formal Board of Directors meetings are biannual to discuss current needs and further direction of the ANWM affairs.

Elizabeth Eden


Elizabeth Eden is the founder and President of the All Nations Women Ministries Inc, (ANWM). She was born and lived in Brazil for many years where she received a degree in Education. Elizabeth was a dedicated school teacher in Brazil for many years, which she specialized in teaching for children with learning disabilities.
After many years of searching for the “right religion” to bring peace and meaning to her life, Elizabeth found Jesus Christ. She was then introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit which she had amazing experiences including baptism which signifies “God in us”.

Many years ago, God spoke to Elizabeth through a divine vision that women have the gift of communication; which the Bible points out how the women were followers of Jesus Christ to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. The Bible also explains how women were prayer warriors achieving a great revival after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

God has called Elizabeth to develop and support many missions to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in many churches, prison wards, orphanages, and rehabilitation centers here in the USA and other countries, such as, Brazil, Haiti, and countries in the Middle East. She also developed and implemented Bible studies and women’s conferences that were well attended by women from many nations.

Laine Furtado has been a member of All Nations Women Ministries Inc. (ANWM) since it’s 1999 inauguration. She has served as secretary and marketing director and is now the Vice President of ANWM. Laine has also served as President of the Association of International Press (ABI Inter) from 2016-2018.

Laine Furtado is a journalist and editor of Linha Aberta, a Brazilian magazine that has been published in Florida for 25 years. She holds a degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) in Brazil. Laine has worked in the area of communication since 16 years of age and has developed a passion for her work through journalism, fashion and travel.

Laine Furtado

Vice President

Elisete Gonçalves


Elisete Gonçalves serves as a Treasure Secretary of All Nations Women Ministry Inc. (ANWM), and she is also a member of Igreja Vida Abundante, which she is involved with evangelism. Elisete received Jesus Christ as her Savior when she was very young. She has served the Lord in various capacities in children, youth, young adults, singles, and home group ministries.

Heloisa Guimaraes joined All Nations Women Ministries, Inc. (ANWM) in 2012 because of its Bible based foundations and deep convictions that all people are created in God’s image and that no life is beyond God’s reach. Since then, Heloisa has worked through ANWM to reach thousands of prisoners in Florida by sending them a Bible based program developed by Philadelphia Prison Ministry. Prisoners receive Bibles, The Purpose Driven Life book, Freedom through Forgiveness booklet, Daily Bread, Knowing God Personally and Steps to Peace with God booklets, and Bible studies.

Heloisa Guimaraes is a Clinical Psychologist graduated from Methodist University in Brazil. She has a Master Degree in Christian Counseling from Florida Christian University. In 2003 she founded the Philadelphia Prison Ministry, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Florida prisoners. She also joined the Broward Transitional Center in 2005 to share the word of God with immigration detainees.

God has called Heloisa to reach out to inmates and detainees in Florida. Therefore, her main goal is to continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with these individuals by inviting them to know God because He is the only One who can change situations and restore the broken hearted by making them whole again.

Heloisa Guimaraes

Director of Missions

Sharon Liebowitz

Board Member

Sharon Liebowitz serves as a board member of All Nations Women Ministry Inc. (ANWM), and She is also a member of a local Christian church.

Sharon received Jesus Christ as her Savior when she was five years old. She has served the Lord in various capacities in children, youth, young adult, singles, and home group ministries. In 2001 she moved to Brazil as a full time missionary and founded Majestic Destiny, an organization serving underprivileged children in orphanages, day care centers and Bible study groups in slum areas.

Sharon believes God has called all of us to be missionaries whether it be to your neighbor or in a foreign land. Her passion is that all may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Her hope is to one day hear her Father say: “Enter in my good and faithful servant.”

Lynda Joachim serves as a board member of All Nations Women Ministry Inc. (ANWM). She is an Apostolic Christian, Registered Nurse, and a mother to a beautiful daughter.

Lynda Joachim was born in Haiti, yet raised in Montreal, Canada where she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at 12 years of age. Throughout Joachim’s life, she served in: Sunday School, Youth ministry and Ladies ministry. She’s had the opportunity to preach, teach and lead seminars to believers, for over two decades, sharing the gospel.

Her greatest desire is to please God, operate in the ministry of Jesus Christ and connect the lost to Jesus. When she’s not deep in ministerial service, you can catch her rooting for her favorite sports team, watching a design show, or reading a good book.

Lynda Joachim RN

Board Member

Berlise Sanches

Board Member

Berlisa Sanches serves as a board member of All Nations Women Ministry Inc. (ANWM), and she is currently attending First Baptist Church of Pompano Beach, Florida, and continues to serve the Lord.

Berlisa was born in Puerto Rico. When she was 9 years old her parents, Oscar and Josefa, moved family to Bronx, New York, where she grew up. Berlisa was married in June 1978 and had five children. Today, Berlisa enjoys her five adult children and four grandchildren, which are three boys, and one girl.

Berlisa received Jesus Christ as Savior on June 11th, 1980, at the Hispanic church The Love of God. Throughout the years, Berlisa has served the Body of Christ as an elder, teacher, speaker, facilitator to women and children, and other areas. She dedicates her life to advance the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to those that are lost.

Luciene Mendonça-Cali is the acting secretary for the All Nations Women Ministries Inc. (ANWM). She has served in many churches with the praise and worship team, evangelism and children’s ministries. When she was 8 years old, Luciene received Jesus Christ as savior, which she was the first in her immediate family to join a Christian church in Brazil.

Luciene’s 25 years career is in nursing and nursing education. She received a Doctorate Degree in Nursing from Barry University in Florida. She has worked in many hospitals, colleges and universities in Broward and Palm Beach areas. Her passion is to care for the sick and for people in need; and also to educate people about health and wellness.
As a member of ANWM, Luciene’s goals are to grow in faith with women from all nations and to be able to provide meaningful work to this ministry so God can be glorified.

Luciene Mendonça-Cali PhD, MSN, RN